Cavendish Winter Wheat

Description Date 2006
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Ear - glaucositystrong
Ear - densitymedium
uppermost node
Uppermost node - hairssparse
Straw - wall thicknessthin
lower glume
Lower glume - external surfacerough
Lower glume - internal hairsgroup I to I+
Lower glume - beak lengthmedium
Lower glume - beak shapeslight to moderate
Lower glume - beak tipsharp
Lower glume - shoulder widthmedium
Lower glume - shoulder shapesquare
lower lemma
Lower lemma - beak lengthmedium to long
Lower lemma - beak shapemoderate
Lower lemma - swellingmedium
apical rachis segment
Apical rachis segment - convex surface hairsnumerous, 2/3 area
Apical spikelet - upper glume beaksmoderate, short
Apical spikelet - collar hairsmoderate
Apical spikelet - lower glume beak gapmedium to wide
lower glume
Lower glume - lengthmedium
Lower glume - widthmedium
Lower glume - tapermedium
Lower glume - spines on lateral nerve narrow wingpresent, throughout
Grain - colourwhite
Grain - lengthmedium to long
Grain - widthwide
Grain - shaperounded
Grain - brush hairsmedium to long
additional information
Auricles - pigmentationabsent
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